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Stress and our dogs ( pdf )

Please feel free to read and share this article - please give source back to me. 

Stress Trigger Stacking ( pdf )

this little diagram created by Yaletown Dogs in Canada is self-explanatory 

Harness v collars - A set of 11 posters ( pdf )

This is a set of 11 posters - free to download - that have been created by my colleague Els.  So the posters are drawings she made (her labrador Imaree was the model) of the dog's anatomy with some short explanations on how specific organs can get damaged by a collar.

The posters are available for the moment in 3 languages, Dutch, French and English. Anyone out there who would like to translate them into other languages please contact Els at Freedogz.

Els' main aim is to make as many people aware of a very simple change they can make and why they should make it. So for that it is important that these posters get circulated as much as possible. This means that they are free to be used by anyone.
Hang them in your dog school, post them on social media, have them on your website ... Please spread the word. For the full set please visit Els' website 

Haqihana Brochure ( pdf )
Pamphlet - why to use a harness ( pdf )
Why you and your dog will be happier with a long lead ( pdf )
Article in French by Veterinary Osteopath ( pdf )

Why and when to choose to take your dog to see the osteopath.

Puppy farms

Here is a link to an article in the Guardian written in 2010 - but sadly still relevant.

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