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All the articles below are published with the kind permission of the authors.
Code of Ethics PDTE ( pdf )
Make a choice for your dog’s wellbeing- Choose a harness! ( pdf )

Pamphlet written by a Norwegian colleague Heidi Carlsson and translated by Linda Rugaas.

I used to use slip leads until I understood what pain I could cause my dogs when they pulled on the lead to meet another friend or a smell...  so the dangers of using a collar are neck and throat injuries, hypothyroidism, ear and eye issues, back problems as well as malfunction of the nervous system of the forelimbs.

Choose a well fitting harness that distributes weight evenly and that does not pinch or rub specifically on one area (for example in the armpits).  Make sure not to buy the type of harness that tightens like a slip lead when the dog pulls in order to cause discomfort or pain.  If you are interested in knowing more please contact me.

If you dog pulls on his lead, click here

Dogs in cars in hot weather ( pdf )

High temperatures are intensified through car windscreens and windows, and even with windows open it can take just 20 minutes for dogs to suffer from heatstroke and die an agonising death.  Do NOT make the same mistake. (Thank you the Kennel Club for the logo) 

Are dogs pack animals? ( pdf )

Article written by colleague Lynn C Hopkins, canine behaviourist based in Norfolk. 

Christmas is here ( pdf )

Christmas is here and it is about family, friends, fun, presents and food.  We want our dogs to be part of the celebrations whilst keeping them happy and safe.

Works Wonders by Tom Lonsdale ( pdf )

Feed your dog Raw Meaty Bone

Message from the author - Tom Lonsdale, Veterinary Surgeon 

Dear Reader, 

Sometimes a lucky coincidence or chance encounter helps thrownewlight on an old situation. That’s what happened to me.  Finally, after five years at veterinary school and fifteen years as a qualified vet, I saw that processed foods do immense harm and natural foods work wonders for the health of dogs and other carnivores. 

At first I was aghast, but then was uplifted. Here was the answer to so many of the problems facing my patients. If you own an adult dog that you feed on canned or packaged food, now is the time to make a change. If you have a young puppy then starting him or her on a more natural diet should workwonders. 

Here’s wishing you and your canine companions the best of good health,

E-mail: tom@rawmeatybones.com - www.rawmeatybones.com 

Summary of Raw Feeding by a Lee Hanrahan - a Canadian GS breeder ( pdf )

A few easy to understand pages about raw feeding and where and how to sart and what to expect as well as some limks to interesting websites.  You may wish to download this before Tom Lonsdale book.

Feed what I need ( pdf )

Article written by Dutch behaviorist colleague Ed van den Berg.  Please note that the statement re dogs having NO worms when being fed raw should be read as "All dogs have a small numbers of certain worms. it is a natural compagnion that helps the intestines to dissolve food. it is only when the balance is gone that there are too many which then need to be dealt with.  This will be noticeable as the worms will be found in "larger" numbers and in a live form in the dog's poo.  Meaning that if your dog's poo contains a dead worm every now and then, that does not mean there is an epedemic that needs to be treated".

I personally give my dogs food grade DE (Diatomaceous Earth) to help maintain the balance naturally.  You can read more about here.


How Long Does it Take for a Dog to Digest Food? ( pdf )

1 page article easy to understand written by Shawn Candela

Why you should not leave a dog tied outside a shop ( pdf )

Article written by colleague  Rosie Lowry , a dog behaviour consultant based in the UK who has recently written a very good book "understanding the silent communication of dogs",  which I highly recommend. The article describes the stress a little dog is going through being left on his own outside a supermarket whilst waiting for his owner.

He just wants to say hi! ( pdf )

Article written by Suzanne Clothier an american dog trainer who is well respected for her holistic Relationship Centered Training™ approach to dogs and the people that love them.  This article explains the difference between aggression and appropriate response to rudeness?  Far too many dogs suffer because their owners & trainers do not know the difference between the two.

I recommend, her book, Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs which has received wide spread praise from every corner of the dog world, including twice being included in the Wall Street Journal's list of Top 5 Dog Books.

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