I'm more calm & relaxed in the relation with my dog

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The dogs

The pack tends to fluctuate Kelly, the matriarch born in June 1999 left us peacefully on 21/07/12 to continue her journey elsewhere (her son Taffy born June 2003 no longer lives with us  - although he comes to stay off and on), Fig born February 2006, Taxawax (the only dog ..father of the pups and the only yellow one!) born September 2006, Haimelulu - Kelly's granddaughter, born June 2008. In the summer of 2013, Maeyapi- a working cocker spaniel - born 6/05/13 joined us.

Imaree born 02/06/09 (Fig and Tax's son) will ultimately live in the UK with my daughter but is still with us ..... since summer 2013 he is living with my colleague Els and her family.

Lili (Lâme is her pedigree name) born to Haimelulu and Tax on 10/03/12 - you can see lots of photos of the whole litter, is till living with us

Purdey born in March 2003 comes and goes between my son in the UK and here - although more with us for the moment ..

At present we have no foster dogs 

Photos taken by Mirka

Mirka is a professional photographer who offered to take some pictures of the pack a few years ago (some photos are then chose for various calendars) and she came up to do so on a lovely summer's day.

Here are some of the pictures she took .. if you would like to know more about her work please visit her website


Fig and Taxawax's puppies - born June 2009

During the night of 1 and 2 June 2009 - 6 puppies were born .. this year they all have to have names beginning in "I" the following names were chosen  

  • Green boy - IMAREE will stay that way 
  • Red boy - IMMNE will be called Yuki - he now lives in Brazil .....yes you read correctly in BRAZIL!!!! and has become a Dad himself... more to follow
  • Pink girl - IRAH will be called Lola
  • Light blue girl - ISAREE will be called Indi short for Indiana
  • He is in doggy heaven watching over us
  • Cream boy - ISE (pronounced "ease") will be Isy

Haime and Tax puppies born March 2012

Haime and Tax pups born Saturday 10th March

Various training sessions

Training with my dogs is meant to be fun for them and me - if it is not then it means I am doing something wrong... Training is the icing on the cake ... and I sometimes need to remind myself that 1 dog is not the other and that age and even maturity has nothing to do with it but that it is all down to the particular dog's acceptance of my role as leader outside the den... but when that happens then we can have a ball!


Imaree - at +/-13 months - "learning the ropes"  - he is still to young to train as part of the group as that would put undue pressure on him... 

Older Dogs in group training

The older dogs "train" together as usually they will wait patiently their turn to be asked to go off and retrieve a dummy ...

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