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Haime and Tax
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Rick of Harbour Side (Tax)

 Haime from Ulysse's Spirit (Haimelulu)

Rick of Harbour Side (Tax) Haime from Ulysse's Spirit (Haimelulu)

Pups born 10th March 2012... 

If you are visiting this page - it is that you are interested in considering acquiring one of Haimelulu and Tax's puppies.  The pups should be ready for their new home from +/- 6th May - they will be microchipped (therefore have a passport) and will be pre-vaccinated.  All puppies are raised in the home with Mum and as and when they are ready Dad and the other members of the pack ... as well as familiarisation with humans and as many "things human" as possible.

Both parents have Royal St Hubert pedigrees, (your pup will as well -her name will start with the letter "L") have been hip scored and eye tested and are both working dogs and family companions as are the rest of the pack.

Haime from Ulysse's Spirit was born in Belgium (04/06/2008) but her grandmother Brindlebay Kelly is English born and bred (her father is FT CH Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay).  Kelly is fast approaching her 13th Birthday but still going strong and as you will see when you visit, is in pretty good nick.  Haime has a hip score of 3/3 (equivalent in Belgium of A) elbows 0= the best score and her eye test reveals she is exempt of all genetic disease.

Rick of Harbour Side (Tax) was born in Wales (23/09/2006) and has been living with us for the past 4 years.  Tax has a hip score of 5/6 (equivalent in Belgium of B1) and his eye test reveals he is exempt of all genetic disease.

Haime and Tax at work -

This is a photo taken by a young professional at a shoot in December 2011. The soft eyes that you see in the photos above taken at home have been replaced by TOTAL concentration on the job at hand... 

IMG_3916 copie_2.jpg_MG_8828 copie_2.jpg

Please note that my dogs are fed "RAW" and the puppies are reared this way as well. We only use organic product and use no chemicals in or around the house. Should you decide that you would like to acquire one of our pups I strongly recommend you continue feeding "raw".

As we go along I will regularly upload photos .. pages 1 & 2 of the photos are of just the parents, grandparents etc..  .. and the pups start at page 3.. (no we are not talking about The SUN).

Please click on Pedigree document for a mock up pedigree for the pups.

This is not a decision to make lightly, so should you wish to know more,  please read the few pages about puppies and the method I use and if you like what you read then please fill in the contact form with minimum information about you and your family as well as your gender and colour preference.     All pups have gone to their new families - for details see the puppy diary 

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