... I went away feeling even more respectful of this amazing and intelligent animal that us humans have the privilege of caring for....

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In memoriam
Brindlebay Kelly | Lucie | Rase-motte | Mistra | Wapsoha |
Brindlebay Kelly


18/06/1999 – 21/07/2012

Knowing Kelly, I think she would first and foremost like to be remembered as a wonderful working dog, who has many descendants all over Belgium.

I was lucky! When Kelly was 5 years old, she chose me and has been my companion and friend ever since.  She is also, amongst others, mum to Taffy, grandma to Haime and now most recently great-granny to Haime’s pups allowing the latest addition to the pack, the remaining puppy, to pester and pester without ever loosing her cool!

   Cheeky right up to the end … she liked to have her own way and was sooooo very good at getting it without you ever really realising what had just happened …

We all miss her but know that she is where she now wanted to be and she lives on  …  in our memories as well as through all her descendants.

Thank you “my” Kelly for having graced me with your trust and friendship.

Photo taken in November 2011

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