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Applied Animal Herbal Choices for Pets

Helping people and their dogs to live a healthy and harmonious life together is what I strive to do.  I believe that by having completed my training in Applied Animal Herbal Choices for Pets with Rose Holistic Therapies and Training, I can help further and improve this bond.  Applied Animal Herbal Choices for Pets is a behaviour led method which focuses on Applied Zoopharmacognosy for animal wellbeing and enables me to offer consultations and educate animal owners in this subject.

Dr Eloy Rodriguez a biochemist and Professor at Cornell University, in collaboration with Dr. Richard Wrangham of Harvard, established the discipline of Zoopharmacognosy.  The word is derived from the greek Zoo=animal, pharmaco=remedy and gnosy=knowledge.

It refers to animals' innate ability to self-medicate and forage plants and their essential oils, algae, clay and other natural products in the wild.

Dogs with a wide variety of issues whether behavioural or emotional problems (abuse & trauma), physical problems, chronic stress, poor digestion, skin problems and low immune system to name but a few have responded well to Zoopharmacognosy,

Offering our dogs the possibility to self medicate to treat the root causes (not just the symptoms) and rebalancing the whole system with the help of natural remedies, is empowering for both sides of the relationship as it will tell the dogs that we listen to them and respect and believe in their choices

It is my firm belief that by offering the dogs a CHOICE of which “remedy”, how much, how to take it, at what distance, when to start and finish a session etc, we are allowing them to choose for themselves and therefore helping them to take back some “fundamental control” over their own lives.  As we know, being able to make choices gives self-confidence and a feeling of self-reliance, which must be of great help to all our dogs.  Studies have shown that a lack of choice can lead to depression and learned helplessness, as well as the negative consequences of stress on the immune system, digestion, ability to learn and general health.

I offer Applied Animal Herbal Choices consultations for dogs.  During a consultation dogs are offered and choose the remedies (Essential Oils, Herbs, Minerals, etc…) which they need to start the healing process.  I inform the owner of the properties of the remedies the dog has chosen for them to gain a better understanding of their dogs needs and show them how to offer these remedies themselves in the future.

Please contact me, should you wish more information or to book a consultation.

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