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The Method - what we teach
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"When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us". Arapaho Indian Proverb.

"We're all beginners of one sort or another, and we can always learn." Monty Roberts

"Life is no obedience excercise it's a way of living together." Turid Rugaas 

"Canine Conversation" CC is a non-confrontational method that has been devised from researching and refining various aspects of the many methods that have been previously published - I think acutally I should call it a philosophy, as it is a way of life for life.


Dog trainer and behaviourist Turid Rugaas has made it her life work to study canine social interaction.  She coined the phrase "Calming Signals" to describe the "body langauge" that dogs use to avoid conflict, reduce stress and communicate a widerange of information to other dogs (and humans if they take the time to observe and "read" their dog).   She has written a few short and easy to follow books as well as DVDs.  You can find her books at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.fr

Would you wish to be the person in the video clip here?  

To avoid this - Please get in touch with us to find out about the method we teach.  It is simple, respectful, non-confrontational, calm, consistent, and does not use gadgets or force.  Dogs can only ever be dogs; they cannot speak our language.  We therefore need to communicate with them in a language they understand, to establish a "Conversation". This is achieved through mutual respect with no gadgets or violence.

By rejecting all thoughts of dominance and force and replacing them with respect, recognition of the world through their eyes and the desire to get our dogs to want to work with us of their own free will, we are empowered to have happy and relaxed dogs who will respond to our requests and choose to stay with us...

By understanding that almost all problems arise from a misunderstanding we are able to change and improve our relationship.  It is also VERY IMPORTANT  to "read" our dogs - our dogs are constanly looking to avoid conflict and in order to do this will use a series of signals.  These signals are used to calm themselves down (anxiety, fear, noise, unpleasant things...), avoid threats from people and/or dogs.. as well as to make others feel safe and to make friends.  They are called calming signals.

I am an approved Turid Rugaas International Pet Dog Trainer and a member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.  Please click here to see the code of Ethics we all sign and follow.

We will teach you how to communicate with your dog using its own language.  This method will allow you to show your dog that you are a good role model, able to protect and look after him/her at all times. We will help you develop your observational skills therefore becoming more familiar and aware of your dog.  In doing that you will be less verbal, probably more relaxed yourself and therefore already reduce the stress levels in your dog allowing him/her to become a happy and relaxed dog.   We will also also show you the benefits of increasing your dog's mental stimulation and what you can do with him/her to do this.

It is a way of life and is for life... but to prove that it works please do take the time to have a look at the Feedback section to see what others have experienced ... 

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