I'm more calm & relaxed in the relation with my dog

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Who are we?


I am Marina Gates Fleming, Canine Consultant, having returned from the UK in 2004, I am now based near Brussels with a number of happy and relaxed (most of the time) dogs.   I have also completed my training in Applied Animal Herbal Choices for Pets with Rose Holistic Therapies and Training; I also offer consultations in this behaviour led method which focuses on Apllied Zoopharmacognosy, our dogs' innate ability to self -medicate.

I graduated from Turid Rugaas' International Dog Trainer's Education (IDTE) in December 2013, having trained with Jan Fennell and being part of her organisation for a number of years prior to that. I am the Country Representative for Belgium and a Member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE); which promotes and brings forward the best possible practices in all dog activities.  I have and continue to read and attend various workshops discovering more up to date forward thinking methods of communication with our dogs, as well of course as observing them as, after all, they are our best teachers.  

I offer 1 to 1 consultations, puppy and young dog classes, workshops as well as specific training to help your dog overcome his "fear", "aggression", "over-excitement" when seeing dogs, children or just people.

These can be in English, French, (Spanish and German).  For consultations in Dutch, I happily refer you to my colleague Els Vidts at Freedogz.   I will travel all over Belgium as well as anywhere further afield if required.

Please note that I do not train your dog, nor is it a “quick fix" as each dog is a thinking, breathing, sensitive individual. Please contact me should you wish to discuss the matter or to book a consultation.

Have a look in the Feedback section to read what other clients have to say ...

My dogs are Fig, Taxawax, Haimelulu and Lili (1 of Tax and Haime's pups -born March 2012). Purdey comes and goes between Max in the UK and Belgium. Maeyapi - a little working cocker - joined the pack in the summer of 2013.

Our dogs are fed "RAW" (including any pups I breed). We only use organic product and use no chemicals in or around the house.  We vaccinate the absolute minimum required by law and use natural worming and anti flee and tick remedies.

Should you wish to see what we all look like by all means have a look at the Photos.

To help you in your quest towards a (even) better relationship with your dog based on mutual respect, trust and understanding, we recommend you read and view any of Turid Rugaas books and/or DVDs.  In particular we HIGHLY recommend both Calming Signals by Turid and "Understanding the silent communication of dogs" by Rosie Lowry (a dog behaviourist based in the UK).

Please do not think that our dogs or we are perfect .... far from it - "they are just dogs" and well .... "we are just humans".  We are always exploring, always looking to better our knowledge and improve on our experiences and despite our knowledge are always learning and usually our best teachers are ... our dogs of course!.

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