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Here are a few videos showing the dogs playing and relaxing - some also show AB in action ...

Should you be interested there are lots more videos on you tube.. http://www.youtube.com - once there search for marina gates fleming


Pups and dogs relaxing and playing - then some very loud birds perturb them ...then a house alarm goes off - Tax starts the "ball rolling" by tensing up and the pups follow suit... keep watching to see the power of a quiet "THANK YOU" 

Some interesting interactions and behaviours

Some interesting behaviours - you will see Nanny Haime stop playing with puppy when Mum Fig appears, she then intervenes (splits) twice, pup Yuki ls "annoying" Dad Tax, watch how she takes Tax out entirely  Had to stop filming as I needed to calm things down..

Playing in the Study

Purdey and Imaree in the study - Imaree is desperate to get Purdey's approval and offers full submission to her ... but in the end she just gets up and goes

Playing in the garden - January 2010


Nanny Haime and Imaree playing - joined by Tax and then Fig - various interactions... Ollie can be heard (but not seen) barking from kennel

Playing in the garden - January 2010

At the begining we have Ollie (my daughter's fox red lab), Imaree  - who will be moving to the UK to live with Ollie - and Haime are playing ... Fig joins in during play....

Unexpected snow fall ...

Imaree enjoying himself in the garden on 10th February 2010 - the snow is still falling

How many dogs can you fit into a small study? lots!

April 2010 - How many dogs can you fit into a study no bigger than 2x4! well 7! 5 labs - 1 "bat" cross the wonderful Lucie (pre-adoption) and Madam Wapsoha (also pre-adoption) and she the smallest of the lot ... has the biggest basket all to herself!

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