... I went away feeling even more respectful of this amazing and intelligent animal that us humans have the privilege of caring for....

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Turid Rugaas or Cesar Milan? you decide!

Many people have heard of or watch Cesar Millan’s program ‘The Dog Whisperer’, I myself chose not to follow his methods as I teach a gentle, non confrontational method and my dogs respect me and do as requested because they WANT to, NOT because they are afraid of me.

Here are a couple videos showing how Cesar Millan's work with dogs…………

I also recommend you also have a look at this link -  very good Q&A with clear photos, videos etc... Do take the time to read.

And at this one as well written by Dr Andrew Luescher, DVM, Ph.D. DACVB.  He is certified as an applied animal behaviorist and is a diplomate of the AMerican College of Veterinary Behaviourists.  In this article you will see a link to a clip where CM decides he needs to take Hiney's food away.  Here is a clip in SLOW MOTION explaining cleraly ALL the Calming signals the dog is giving and why she will have no option but to bite.

...Please watch "Tough Love" trailer (3 minutes) an excerpt here (just over 30 minutes) Unfortunatley the feature-lenght documentary with Ray Coppinger, Alexandra Horowitz, Sophia Yin and Karen Pryor amongst many others is not available.  Nerver the less this is well worht it

Please follow this link to read an article by the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors


Turid Rugaas' way

UNDERSTAND you dog .... watch this small clip here 

now YOU decide which you think is better for you and your canine FRIEND…

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