... I went away feeling even more respectful of this amazing and intelligent animal that us humans have the privilege of caring for....

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Puppy farms

 The Kennel Club's view on Puppy farms, puppy dealers and pet shops: - Puppy farms are like factory farms where dogs are bred purely for profit.  The dogs are normally bred too often, many are unhealthy, and often live in unbearably poor conditions.  The puppies are generally removed from their mothers far too early and sent by rail or van to ‘dealers’ or pet shops in the big cities to satisfy the public’s demands.  Many are severely traumatised by the transition, and some do not make it alive.  Do not buy a puppy or a dog from these sources, as they will have had the worst possible start in life, and are far more likely to have health and temperament problems.  

You can see a short video here or take the time to view a full length documentary by BBC Scotland.

Many ‘puppy farm’ puppies come with complete pedigrees, however, a pedigree in itself, is not necessarily an indication of quality.... to read more  http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/208

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