.... Our time with Marina and Els has been transformative! ...

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Hello, my name is Wapsoha and I have found a new home. I'll tell you more soon!

As you can see I am an adorable grey/black, Bichon/Pooodle cross, 6 years old and about 3-4 kilos, with all my jabs up-to-date and a Passport to travel; don’t get me wrong, I love living where I am and my Sue loves having me, but, she has some health and personal problems which mean that she will have to go away for about 6 months, to a place where they don’t allow dogs...not even little old me!

I heard her having a chat to Marina (this Dog Listener person - Marina) about suitable ‘kennels or foster homes’ (whatever they are!) for me; eventually they said that, all things considered, probably the best solution would be for me to find a new place to live permanently. It is such a shame, as I have so enjoyed living with Sue, learned to relax a lot more, and stopped thinking I have to be in charge of the house or the whole street, and enjoyed being mates with her, hanging out, watching TV and films, gardening and playing or sitting in the garden.

It’s been great; I will miss it, but, understand that as the future for Sue is uncertain, she only has my best interests at heart in trying to help me find a new home.

So, if you are interested and would like to find out more about me contact Marina.

This is my story to date.

As I said above, I was living with this FAB lady, Sue – when she adopted me in August 08 she called me her “new bundle of joy”. You see, I had been fostered with lots of Labradors (could not count how many) and I am only little (aren′t I just to die for? well I think so).

Well now I am back living with this Dog Listener person (and all those LABIES!! and that includes a 10 month old puppy Imaree  and he just does barges into me all the time ... I think he thinks I am a ball as I roll around the garden...) 

When we got up on Wednesday 10 Feb - it was snowing snowing snowing .... I  just loooove playing in the snow ....do you see all the snow in my whiskers!  it is just GREAT... I love sticking my nose in the snow  why ? ... because you never know what is under there ......... but who ever adopts me ..  will have to make sure they dry me well afterwards!

Wapsoha playing with a red plastic bone

I may be little but I have LOADS of personality and boy do I like to be in charge, even if then I get a little stressed. The family I was living with before loved me but I could not relax; you see I was just too responsible doing “my job” . . That is why (the stress I mean) I ended up with this Dog Listener person (and ALL those labbies!). I was barking at everything and everybody, soiling everywhere and generally misbehaving all the time as you humans call it ....as far as I was concerned I was just trying to do my job of being the leader of the pack to the best of my ability in your human world which is so difficult to understand....

Anyway, one day after about 3-4 months of living with this Dog Listener person (you can see pictures of some of her Labbies - booooring – elsewhere in the website) said that I had understood that I no longer needed to do this job (being the leader I mean) and that I was starting to relax. That is how I ended up “plastered” all over Belgium (only slight exaggeration!) looking for a home....

This Dog Listener person said that whoever took me on, had to have a consultation to make sure they knew how to speak Canine so that I could continue to be a happy and relaxed dog, so Sue first came to meet me and ALL the labbies and nearly cried she was so happy with the thought of taking me home … the consultation was booked and it then all happened very quickly … I moved in with Sue on 27th August 08 (beds, food, toys etc….. just no labbies) …

But as you read above I need a new home and whoever takes me on will need a consultation with this Dog Listener person to make sure they understand what I am all about … so please get in touch soon!

Dictated by Wapsoha

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