We learned how small adjustments could mean a big difference for our dogs....

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Shakira is a "small" 3 year old female Dogue de Bordeaux.

She would be happy in a house with a big garden living with a family with no small children.

We are forced to find a new family for her as she is overstressed by the presence of our 18 month old son (although he always behaves well with her – but you cannot prevent a child from playing and being loud).

We had signed an agreement with the shelter where she comes from to sterilize her – so we commit to pay for the operation, of course. She is unfortunately experiencing an allergy but we are busy curing her.

This is a fantastic race, very faithful and quiet. They don’t need much activity, and simply appreciate your presence.

Please contact me if you would like to offer Shakira a home where she could feel happy and unstressed.

Virginie Torra – 0472 941 859 – torravirginie@hotmail.com

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