We learned how small adjustments could mean a big difference for our dogs....

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Ok, ok, I will start looking for a new family, since my foster family – who was kind enough to save me from a dreadful end in the shelter – would now like to see me happily adopted by a family who will want me as their loving and faithful dog for the rest of my life.

I have made quite an effort to prepare for this moment catching up with a lot of things, as I was abandoned at a very young age. Now I am an adult of 1 year old, I am castrated, and I really want to enjoy life, finally. I was told that to live in a family can be real fun. I like to run and to play and also to learn more as I am still behind, as my teachers told me. I’d like to have many toys and a happy house to look after. Some of my mates even have a garden. That sounds like paradise and the Bulldog in my genes would take pride in watching over such a property. By the way, I do get along just fine with other dogs, but you will have to introduce me to cats, if you so desire. There is a learning process for everything, for getting along with cats, and for many other things, and I am sooo full of good will.

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