I'm more calm & relaxed in the relation with my dog

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Bruss - ADOPTED and putting on much needed weight

2 year old castrated male SharPei fully vaccinated and chipped with European Passport


Yes, I am an exotic SharPei and I found a home easily, when I was a cute puppy. But then I became bigger and stronger and wanted to show who I am. I tried to make myself understood but there were misunderstandings all the time.

Finally I was dumped, when people had enough of me and here I am in a cage for almost a year now, never walked, as everyone is afraid of me. Yesterday for the first time in months a brave woman took an interest and walked me outside!

I don’t want to eat and drink anymore....they will put me down soon anyway.  

Anyone who is seriously interested in me please contact Doris: dsihne@gmail.com

My ancestors thousands of years ago were proudly watching Chinese Royal Palaces.  I am a gentle character, nothing to be afraid of! Please see http://www.royalsharpei.com/Thebreed.htm

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