..... the workshop helped me to realise that we should think more in terms of how dogs see and experience our actions, our communication...  

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Briard (Berger de Brie), 2 years old, spayed, fully vaccinated, chipped, with European Passport, ready for adoption against adoption fee, pre- and after visits.  She has been adopted by her foster family and loving to run in the woods and be loved.

She was born in a puppy factory and was forced into pregnancy herself at very young age.

A beauty emerged from loads of scruffy hair all over her body. She was skinny and obviously overcharged with her situation. As she was heavily neglected but not mistreated, she appreciates the help of and physical contact with people and she learns quickly. As she had a litter too early in her life, she feels still threatened by all other dogs and does not yet cope with the somewhat complex task of socializing.

However, as she trusts people, she will gladly accept their leadership and help with respect to other dogs.  

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